Can I say it? I’m so sorry, but I hated the Seattle Dogs we had. Both of them. I will keep trying but this was a shocker.

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Oct 30, 2023Liked by Robert Simonson, Mary Kate Murray

Ah, the Sorrento. We stayed there once and then I forgot the name. Cool lobby. Bateau sounds fun.

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Amy and I love Seattle Dogs and make them at home on occasion. We have not had any version with toppings beyond onions and cream cheese though. I think the key is for both the bun and the grilled onions to be hot, melting the cream cheese into more of a condiment consistency. (We recently had a Seattle Dog in Milwaukee and agreed it was not good — but the toppings and bun were not hot enough and the proportions were off.) For me, I put the Seattle Dog and the Flo’s Dog in the same category — unusual but delicious.

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