On Pouring Ribbons: What a perfect tribute to such a perfect bar! And definitely a perfect list to go in with.

If I can add three more "Pouring Ribbons Essentials" early drinks like:

"Once Upon A Time In Mexico" is still unlike anything I've ever had anywhere (all I can remember is that I ordered a lot of them when it appeared and that it contained horchata) and "No Crying In Baseball" (popcorn-infused Old Overholt that came with a baseball card. I think I kept one!) were dazzling in their own right, rather than being cute riffs on something else.

Brian Tasch's Ford's Gin-based Sno-con swizzle (red on top and blue base could change the mind of anyone who hates blue drinks, along with Jon Nutter's Corpse Reviver No. Blue).

Lastly, Brooke Toscano's Bel Air with a perfect balance of rye, rum, jagermeister (that brand owes this bar for helping change it from an awful spring break hangover inducer to something that can hold up to any herbal liqueur) was made extra special with a rim of black sesame paste designed to resemble gravel.

There is no bar more inventive, hard-working, or welcoming.

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I've been going to Pouring Ribbons so much ever since the re-opening to the point where it's become a meme among my friends. Gutted that it's closing, this was the first "craft" cocktail bar that I went to after moving to New York and have many memories tied to this space. Also it's the rare Manhattan bar where I could bring in eight people on a Friday night without having to wait for tables. (The mildly inconvenient location is a plus, in this regard.)

On the current menu, love the Survivor and the Walker Texas Ranger. Somehow I don't think I've ever had their Naked & Famous. It'll be my first order on my next visit.

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