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What I Did/Ate/Drank on My Christmas Vacation

Special Holiday Discount to "The Mix"

When We Went to Old Restaurants in Large Groups

Frozen Martini Bar

Recipe: Scotch Everything!

The Most D.C. Cocktail Ever

Field Report: Ben’s Chili Bowl

Chasing Thown Cocktails

Recipe: Safe Word

More Mezcal and Tequila Cocktails

Field Report: Franksgiving

Lucia and Me

Field Report: Three Brothers Restaurant

Recipe: Dark 'n' Stormy

A Short History of Franksgiving

Creme de Cassis, New and Improved, Maybe

Boston Cocktails By the Numbers


Recipe: The Democrat

How to Tell If You're in a Supper Club

A Second Golden Age Dawns at Hawksmoor

How to Drink Well Under Italian Quarantine

Recipe: Quail-Egg Gibson

Postcards From the West Coast

If This Is Plattsburgh, This Must Be a Michigan

On the Trail of Rod Serling

Field Report: Musso & Frank Grill

Recipe: Wildest Redhead

It's "Modern Classic Cocktails" Launch Week!

Recipe: The Negronic

In Search of City Chicken

Looking Back at "A Proper Drink" After Six Years, Part II

Field Report: Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant

Looking Back at "A Proper Drink" Six Years Later

Recipe: Frank Lloyd Wright

Remembering Brother Cleve

Field Report: Red Hook Tavern

Recipe: Gargoyle Cocktail No. 2

Soda Stories

Field Report: Lafayette Coney Island

Recipes: Two Negronis

Thanks to All the New Bar Regulars!

Exclusive: Boadas Cocktails Enters New Era

The Great Brooklyn Deviled Egg Roundup

Join the Discussion on the Best Deviled Eggs

Whose Got the Juice?

Garden Cocktails

Recipe: Improved Improved Pendennis Club Cocktail

Field Report: Nunzio's Pizzeria

The Fiberglass Animal Capital of America

Recipe: Absinthe (the Cocktail)

Field Report: Pacific Standard

Postcards From New Orleans

Field Report: Willie Mae’s Scotch House

Remembering Latticini-Barese

The New Orleans 40

Recipe: The Villager

Field Report: Papaya King

The Mix Is Six Months Old!

Postcards From Lake George

Hidden Gem

Field Report: Teo's Hot Dogs

Recipe: Pisco Sour

Pacific Standard Time

Field Report: Annual July 3rd Picnic

Recipe: Vanderbilt Cocktail

The Breakfast Sausage King of Long Beach Island

Recipe: Wisconsin Cocktail

Where Is the Great Journalism Cocktail?

Field Report: Clover Club

Recipes: 3 from "The Bartender's Manifesto"

The Amatriciana Trail

Video Field Report: The Buono at Jerry Thomas Project

In Search of the Red Hook

Field Report: L’Arte Fatto, Ischia

Recipe: Tommy's Margarita

Return to the Scene of the Hat

Field Report: The Jerry Thomas Project

Recipe: Eeyore's Requiem

Everything Matters at Sugar Monk

Field Report: Yocco’s

Recipe: Jasmine Cocktail

Deconstructing a Classic Hot Dog

Recipe: Widow's Twist

The Garbage Plate Comes to Brooklyn

Recipe: Mint Juleps x 3

Field Report: Grand Central Oyster Bar

Spoiled for Choice

Join the Discussion on New York's Best Classic Cocktails

The Trouble With Gibsons

Keep Birch Beer Weird

Field Report: Bemelmans Bar (with Recipe)

Side Car: Q&A with Cedd Moses

A Beer Bar Goes Amaro

Drink Like You're at Stouffer's

"Modern Classic Cocktails" Gets Its Cover

Are You Ready for Sloe Gin's Latest Comeback?

Recipe: Summer Feelings

Field Report: Brooklyn Hots

Don't Murder Your Darlings

Recipe: Love and Murder

Farewell to Forlini's

Field Report: Claridge's Pop-Up at Dante West Village

George Dickel and Friends

Thanks to the New Bar Regulars

Field Report: Elizabeth NJ Hot Dog Double Header.

Recipe: Oscar and the Orange Blossom

The Age of the Staggerac, and Today

Join the Discussion on the Cocktail Spirits You Miss Most

Field Report: Angel's Share and Pouring Ribbons

Recipes: Cameron's Kick Three Ways

Did Wisconsin Do Cincinnati Chili First?

Recipe: Big Trouble in Little Italy

Field Report: Lullaby

Pouring Ribbons in Seven Cocktails

Field Report: McSorley's Old Ale House

Recipes: Pink Squirrel and Chartreuse Cobbler

In Search of Hot Pie

Join the Discussion on Regional Food

Field Report: Hot Dog Johnny's

Recipe: Siesta Swizzle

The New York 50

Recipe: De La Louisiane

Join the Discussion on Rye Cocktails

Field Report: El Quijote

Anatomy of a Good Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

The Other Long Island Bar

Thanks to All Bar Regulars

Recipe: Commodore Cocktail

Why Bobbie in Broadway's "Company" Likes Maker's Mark So Much

The Absolute Best Bar Food at New York Cocktail Bars

Join the Discussion on the Best Bar Food

Field Report: PDT

Recipe: Champagne Old-Fashioned at Chez Chez

Sidebar: Bartender's Bar Discovered in Midtown

A Look at the Drinks Section in Bryant Terry’s Black Food

Recipe: Polar Bear

Sidecar: Q&A With Dale DeGroff, Plus One Cocktail Recipe

Field Report: Katz's Deli

Hot Dog Critic at Work: Dog Day Afternoon

How to Choose a Cocktail on a New Menu

The Hartini Revealed

Recipe: Ce Soir

Sidecar: Q&A With Brother Cleve, and two cocktail recipes.

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Toni Tipton-Martin's Whiskey Sour

Chartreuse Cobble

Big Trouble in Little Italy

De La Louisiane

Polar Bear

Ce Soir

Champagne Old-Fashioned

Monkey Gland

The Commodore

Camarón Cocktail


Love & Murder